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Pikmin Sets

Although it is not as popular as the other Nintendo franchises, Pikmin is one of my favorites. The Pikmin world is a large and imagine place where anything can happen. Isn't that the goal for the lego company; to satisfy children and people with creative, imaginative, and fun-filled excitement in which anything could be imagined and then made? Well it is. The Pikmin franchise has a large amount of creatures, plants, and other unique things for your enjoyment in the game. If lego were to make this as a new theme to their products, it would be AMAZING! This would make many people happy to build little creatures rezembling frogs and other small animals and then building little pikmin to crush those enemies. Not only would they be fun to play with but they would also be fun to build too. Also, they would be cheap too so you could buy several of each set without spending a fortune. Just imagine having an army of red pikmin attack a fiery blowhog in a grassland to obtain a valuble treasure. I think this is a great idea for lego to make, and if you agree for this to become a set, PLEASE SUPPORT!

These are the things they should include:

- red bulborb
- dwarf red bulborb
- whiptongue bulborb (Coming Soon!)
- yellow wollywog
- wollywog
- wogpole (old version)
- wogpole (new version Coming Soon!)
- iridescent flint beetle
- skitterleaf
- desiccated skitterleaf
- firey blowhog (new version Coming Soon!)
- water dumple (new version Coming Soon!)
- swoopping snitchbug (new version Coming Soon!)
- shearwig (Coming Soon!)
- male sheargrub (Coming Soon!)
- female sheargrub (Coming Soon!)
- necterous dandlefly
- joustmite
- flighty joustmite (Coming Soon!)
- orange bulborb (Coming Soon!)
- dwarf orange bulborb (Coming Soon!)
- bulbear
- dwarf bulbear

- sunseed berry
- cupid's granade
- proton AA
- fuel reservior
- insect condo
- citrus lump
- face wrinkler (Coming Soon!)
- dapper blob (Coming Soon!)
- dusk pustules (Coming Soon!)
- dawn pustules
- searing acidshock (Coming Soon!)
- zest bomb (Coming Soon!)
- scaly custard (Coming Soon!)
- disguised delicacy
- juicy gaggle
- tremendous sniffer (Coming Soon!)
- blueberries ( I know its not part of the series, but I thought it would be cool to bring it in)
- burgeoning spiderwort berries (red and purple varieties)

- shoot (Coming Soon!)
- foxtail (Coming Soon!)
- horsetail
- clover (Coming Soon!)
- spotcap (Coming Soon!)
- kingcap (Coming Soon!)
- nectar weed (Coming Soon!)
- pellet posy (undeveloped, 1 pellet, and 5 pellet varieties)
- dandelion
- fiery geyser
- dirt wall
- stone wall
- crystallized wall
- electrified wall
- burgeoning spiderwort (Coming Soon!)

- Olimar
- Alph
- Brittany
- Charlie
- S.S Drake
- red candypop bud (refer to all candypop buds to the first picture)
- yellow candypop bud
- blue candypop bud
- purple candypop bud (Coming Soon!)
- white candypop bud
- nectar
- 1 and 5 pellets (in each color)
- master onion (Coming Soon!)
- red onion
- red pikmin
- yellow pikmin
- blue pikmin
- purple pikmin (Coming Soon!)
- white pikmin (Coming Soon!)
- rock pikmin
- winged pikmin

Thank you for viewing and please support!

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