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Mangrove Forest Display

       Mangrove trees are some of the most special trees on the planet. Their amazing roots, as well as leaves, enable them to be the only tree to be able to survive with roots in saltwater. To get rid of this salt, they allow it to crystalize on their leaves and be washed off by waves.
       However, there is even more going on underwater. Juvenile fish use the roots to hide from predators. Corals that have become resistant to bleaching are dotted here and there. Small mollusks and crustaceans are also common. And even above water, animals like birds wade, looking for food, or fly, nesting in the branches. 

      In this set I have made a small display (16x16 studs) of a mangrove forest, with all* of the listed animals, except the mollusks. There are 2 trees of different ages, smallest obviously equalling youngest. Yellow carrots represent the corals, and seagulls the nesting birds. And of course, there are the arm and claw pieces for the largest tree's roots.
      I think this would make a great set for its educational and display value, the same reason that I built it.

*Or rather, a representative of each.

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