Contest Entry

The Burrow in Winter

   This is the Burrow from Harry Potter. Harry went to visit the Burrow in his sixth year, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

   The Burrow has many things decorated for Christmas: there are Christmas lights, snow frosting the ground and roof, a Christmas tree, hot cocoa mugs, presents, and a wreath hanging outside.The Burrow has a room for each of the Weasley’s as close to accurate as it describes in the Harry Potter books, with the kitchen and other rooms designed to be in about the right place as well. 

   This was built on a 32x32 plate, and has 2,753 bricks in all. It was also built to be open on one side and open up kind of like a dollhouse, so you can see inside all of the rooms. Also, two of the rooms at the top of the Burrow can hinge open to see inside of them.