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60s Coach


60s Coach


Sometimes, many people want to visit the LEGO Modular Buildings. 

Yes, this is when you need to hire a coach! We can invite tourists

Get on this luxurious coach from 1960s with others, watch the beautiful streets in LEGO from the large windows. A friendly chauffeur is happy to show you and guide you the city. Don't worry about heavy suitcases, there is a luggage room under the floor to store all of your belongings. 


The coach has total 6 seats for 5 passengers and a driver. Front and rear design, as well as colour evoke a typical vintage bus. 


I was inspired by Mercedes Benz O302. In general, the creation of the bus was difficult due to many limitations. The most difficult part was to make the model itself as short as possible and building with 4 studs width. 



Width 4 studs

Length 18 studs

Height 6 bricks

Total brick 143 bricks


I hope you like it and vote when it comes to the Fan Vote! Many thanks!

Any feedback, ideas and opinions are welcome!