Contest Entry

Ara Élégante


All detective who search clues to stop the criminal activities of a band of sweets's trafickers (reference to the "Detective’s Office" set 10246) need a fast car to travel the Town. The Ara Élégante is the epitome of speed, elegance and sobriety.

There is some parts that are not available in this particular color, however it can be made in black for example but I figure "medium blue" is more appealing.

It has:
- working doors
- 2 pairs of tail lights, 2 sharp on the trunk and 2 vertical on the back
- nice "metallic" parts

Dimensions: 6 studs wide + fender, 18 studs long and 5 bricks and 1 plate tall

PS: It would be awesome if Lego made some solid rounded hubcaps for this type of wheels to match the era.