Vintage LEGO Delivery Truck


Voting's Closed - No Word - Instructions in Progress!

So voting is closed. Still haven't heard from LEGO about whether I made the top 6 or not. But if I didn't win the big prize, I'm still readying a PDF of the instructions for the model. Here's a sneak peek!

This update was inspired by hasanjensen and JacobM366.

Excited to be in the Fan Vote!

I am deeply honored to have made it to the fan vote stage! For those of you who have supported the project, I thank you for the vote. And I'd love to ask one more favor - can you share this entry on social media? If we can get folks over here to take a gander, I know they'll drop a vote in the bucket.

I'm really hoping this model makes it the step further, but if it doesn't I will likely release instructions for a real-world buildable version (there's about 3-4 part or color swaps that need to happen) of the red front truck.

So stay tuned. If it makes it, you can grab a copy sometime next year. If it doesn't, you'll be able to pull one together from your own collection!

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