Tiamat's Dice Tower


How do the dice work?

With one week left of voting, I've felt the need to post some cutaways and additional photos, combined with my poor photoshop skills, to demonstrate how the dice tower works with real dice.

The entire top of the tower is open to dropping dice down, but there is a cutaway to allow for additional space for dice rolling when Tiamat is attached.

Multiple slopes are utilized to ensure proper tumbling down the tower.

Another modified picture to show how two sets of dice can store on both sides of the tower. A version of this has been constructed in real life to ensure that all types of standard-sized dice are able to fit together in this configuration.

Best of luck to all of the contestants!

Beholder and Mimic!

What 50-year celebration of Dungeons and Dragons would be complete without including two of the franchise's most famous monsters?

Both creatures scale with the standard 1" DND grid system. The beholder can be plugged into a dead tree on the side of the board, or it can be attached to a separate stand for tabletop play.

In addition to these two monsters, see some additional pics of Tiamat below separated from the dice tower:

I hope you all enjoy this creation!

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