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The "Odyssey"- From the Moon to Mars

The Odyssey Modular Mars Transport System is the next generation of space travel systems. Designed to be constructed in lunar orbit, the Odyssey System is comprised of a modular interior core vehicle, with space on the outside of the rocket for mission-specific Martian modules. In the example mission depicted, an initial colony deployment mission, an Exploration Lander module is provided and would be the first ship to touch down on the surface. Once a suitable landing area is located, follow-up modules consisting of a Power Reactor, Water Condensor/Greenhouse, Living Quarters, and Laboratory modules can be deployed. The spacecraft itself is designed to remain in Martian orbit as a manned space station and provide communications relay and additional support. A small shuttle can ferry personnel and supplies back and forth. Later missions can take advantage of the module system to transport any number of additional modules to further the mission.