Contest Entry

Olympus CS-3000

Its the year 2032, and on the moon, astronauts are preparing the Olympus CS-3000 for its first flight from the Moon to Mars. Equipped with a large area for passengers and a small control room, the  Olympus CS-3000 can hold upwards of 50 minifigs at once, with room to store the supplies for the Martian base. Underneath the it all is a very strong Technic frame, making the Olympus CS-3000 very swooshable, if your strong enough to take advantage of the swooshabilty. (Its very heavy.)
With seven rocket powered engines, it is designed to make the trip as fast and comfortable as possible for all its passengers. In the back room behind sliding doors, making it only accessible to certified personal, is a mars rover, fuel, and other essential supplies for life on Mars.