Contest Entry


Are you a science geek, a fitness freak, a lazy person or a green thumb. The AE-01 has got it all. It is fit for all types strong or lazy. With a greenhouse, science lab,  a couch bed, a high tech control but the most unexpirenced could still drive and a fitness room were you can walk or run on the treadmill. Fit with a turbocharged engine and enough petrol to blast you there and back enough times that you could travel to mars 3 times and not have to worry about refueling. Yep I now what your thinking thats way to expensive for me. Well guess what it is only 50 000 000 000 dollars because it is only HALF price but hurry sale ends August 1st.

With most of my peices in my town I was left with only a few bricks left but still able to create this cool futuristic flyer that could be flown from the moon to mars.