Contest Entry

Deimos Space Shuttle

Welcome aboard Deimos, the spacecraft designed for the moon and Mars.

This model is made of two main parts; the shuttle and the landing craft which can be docked into the shuttle. The landing craft includes mining equipment to find fuel from the moon or mars. By mining for water on the moon the landing craft can provide fuel for the main shuttle. By finding its own fuel the landing craft could land as many times as wanted. On a mission the shuttle would remain orbiting and the landing craft would land and launch by rocket power.

This model is in minifigure scale and includes two astronauts and a robotic rover. The mining veichle folds into the landing craft and allows people to reach the martian world. The shuttle also has a finished interior and passegway for people to reach the landing craft in the shuttle. 

I hope you enjoy this idea for a mission to Mars via the moon.  Bon Voyage!