Contest Entry

MIECS - Modular Interplanetary Exploration and Colonization System

The MIECS concept is inspired by LEGO, intermodal transport, and cube sats to envision Lunar/Mars travel. Based on 4-stud cylinders with single cylinder subdivisions, cylinders represent modules (Mods) that add life support, fuel, power, propulsion, science, colonization, etc. Mods range from "dumb" supplies to self-guided systems and allow different mission configurations, similar to LEGO elements.

MIECS is a:
  1. Receiving Orbital Station (ROS). ROS supports the MTA and efficiently stockpiles Mods. ROS has a core, misc. Mods, and crew capsules.
  2. Modular Transport Assembly (MTA). MTA uses ops and mission-specific Mods for extended ops and Mod transport. Fore to aft, Mods are:

  • Command
  • Habitats (one-time descent)
  • Crew Area
  • Gravity Crew Area
  • Storage
  • Comms/dorsal sensors (radar, remote sensing, radio telescope)
  • Misc. Mods
  • Ventral dock w/ Reusable Lander
  • Nuclear Power/Propulsion

Beyond reaching the Moon/Mars, the concept uses commercial tech and iterative design to scale for sustainable post-Mars missions.