Contest Entry

Lego Pets


Have you ever wanted to have a pet, but not deal with all the necessities that follow?  Well now you can with LEGO Pets.  LEGO Pets is a set that lets you build your own pet such as dogs, cats and birds.  Once built, you can control their actions, but not simply by a remote(they are pets after all, not robots).  No, they are controlled through your voice.  Just simply say walk, and they’ll walk to you.  They also give out noises.  For example, if you say speak, they’ll either meow, bark or squawk .  This kit also includes accessories for your pet to style them to your liking.  Adding onto that, if you’re not a dog kind of person you have the option to customize your pet and actions/sounds to be your own pet.  In the end, you can have your very own pet animal do a lot just by telling them what to do.