Contest Entry

Timmy, the Teaching and Talking Turtle


Lego and learning have always gone hand in hand. Countless generations have learned to imagine, create, and build with these amazing bricks. Through great strides in voice technology and Lego innovation we now present Timmy, the Teaching and Talking Turtle. Timmy is your child’s personal teacher, helping them learn and master their shapes, colors, and numbers. Not only is this guy cute but he’s a pretty smart turtle too. Your child will love to play and learn with Timmy! Through various interactive learning modes Timmy can ask your child to find him a particular shaped brick, a particular colored brick, or to feed him a specific number of bricks. Your child will master adding and subtracting with Timmy’s help in a fun way. Timmy’s state of the art sensors (located in his shell) detect shapes, colors, and quantities. You will be amazed how with the help of Timmy your child learns, building confidence along the way. Best of all Timmy is both Duplo and Lego compatible so as your child grows, so to does Timmy. In conclusion I think this would be a fun and great way to teach children the fundamentals that they will build off of for life. Lego has always prided itself in play and learning, this takes the Lego philosophy to the next level, and will help usher in a new generation of Lego builders. What better way to learn then through play? Timmy thanks you for your time. :)