Contest Entry

LEGO Voice Controlled 3D Printer


Have you ever wished that you could just say the LEGO piece you need, then just suddenly have it? Well, using the LEGO Voice Controlled 3D Printer, you can make whatever LEGO Piece you need. The process begins when you say “LEGO Printer, make me a (The piece needed. For example, a 4*4 brick piece) colored (The color of the piece. For example, red).” This information is then taken by the voice input, which then is immediately transferred to the timer, which doubles as the micro computer that runs the process. This immediately takes this information, and relays it to the 3D Ink Cartridge and the 3D “Pen.” The ink cartridge decides the colors needed and the pen decides the size and shape. The 3D ink is then pushed through the pen and it begins making your LEGO piece. The time that the piece takes depends on the size and the multitude of colors that is needed. Once the piece is done, the timer lets off an alarm, and you can then open the container and take out your piece. This device would be helpful in an extreme amount of ways. For example, if your LEGO Set is missing a piece, you can now just print one out. Also, if you need special pieces that are hard to get, then this would be helpful for those too.