Contest Entry

Voice Activated Music Box


Introducing the Voice Activated Music Box! A voice activated robot designed to look, and play like a piano. Simply place the music box behind and 8 note xylophone, or piano and the "magic starts!" You can ask the music box to play any song that can fit in an 8 note range. The music box makes music by hitting the xylophone notes with a "lego mallet." It would be mesmerising to watch, and because this could use technology songs could be as long as you want!

There are 2 ways the music box can work:

1. You can preprogram songs on it, and it will play them to you at your command!

2. You could also hum/sing songs and the robot will try to figure it out and play it back to you. Once it plays back the song you could save it with all of the other programmed songs.

The Drawing took me several days to draw and also a few days coming up with the concept. Everything is hand drawn and colored with colored pencils. I hope you enjoy!