Contest Entry

Jet Tank Junker Reinhardt

Reinhardt wrecked his armor and lost his hammer after an honorable yet glorious battle. Only his helmet was intact...

He needed to adapt to continue his adventures through the Australian Outback. To his luck, he came across a talented military engineer near Junkertown who happened to be a long time admirer of Reinhardt.

She built him this new armor using parts from a junker tank and crashed fighter jet combined with orange/grey scraps. She respected the original iconic design while adding a few new features:

- Jet Engine Shoulders
- Fortified Tank Armor
- Propulsive Battle Axe with attached chain (loss prevention)

In exchange for her work, Reinhardt gifted her his iconic helmet.

- Started from an entirely new frame, only taking chest and fingers as inspiration from official set.
- Similarly sized to official Reinhardt set while attempted to add further iconic details.
- Focused on articulation: knee bend & turn, hand rotation, ball joints for forearms, feet, waist, and shoulders.