Contest Entry

Dinosaur Museum



Who doesn't like Dinosaurs?

Learning about Dinosaurs can be a lot of fun, especially when you are visiting a Dinosaur Museum, so why not just having one in your Lego tower?

The Dinosaur Museum features a lot of different exhibition pieces, like a complete Dinosaur skeleton, a Triceratops skull, a T-Rex skull, dinosaur eggs, a pterosauros model and a Dinosaur fossil on the wall.
The Museum is filled with little details to explore and contains informative signs, books and the necessary tools to work on the fossils and bones.

The Museum itself has a very old and classic architecture. It has a pattern on the floor, little statuettes and columns as decorations and patterns on the wall typical for that style.

Inspirations for this model were the "Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin)", the "Field Museum (Chicago)" and the "Natural History Museum (London)".

I hope you like my entry and thanks for taking the time to check it out.