Contest Entry

Safari Paradise!


Going on a safari would be a dream come true for me! The animals, the nature, the scenery is all so beautiful!

I wanted to reflect the fascinating scenery so I built an African tree with a pond and some rocks and grass. To accompany it, I built a safari truck with seating space for a driver and two tourists. No safari is complete without animals, so this build features a colourful, brick built bird and a crocodile. The figures include a safari tour guide, a photographer with her camera and an excited tourist with his water-bottle.

In total, the amount of pieces in the build came to exactly 250 bricks:
  • The minifigures use 16 pieces
  • The safari truck uses 121 pieces
  • The tree uses 49 pieces
  • The bird uses 10 pieces
  • The base uses 49 pieces

Thanks for taking the time to check out my entry! Any feedback, criticism or support would be greatly appreciated!