Contest Entry

THAT Sand Castle!


Imagine staying in a sand "tent" for a night while eating pizza off of a golden plate! I don't know about you guys, but to me, that would be a dream vacation (or at least experience!). During the day, I could spend time collecting seashells, adding more space to my "castle", and swimming in the ocean. The inspiration came from my love of building sandcastles (specifically sand kingdoms...). I wanted to make it fun, but also compact and displayable.
I added some fun little elements like the underwater view of the fish and the crab sneaking up the side of the hut. I also added the umbrella to provide for a roof, but also to hold the "castle's" flag. I also thought it would be funny if a surf-board was on the roof to provide extra shade!
I hope you like this build, as I had a blast creating it ~ please let me know your thoughts in the comments!! THANKS!!!