Contest Entry

The Mountain Cabin


I've always enjoyed trips to the mountains while I'm on holiday. So for this contest entry I decided to build a little cabin up in the mountains. It is so remote, you have to do a bit of rock-climbing (a skill I've wanted to learn for a while) to reach it! The model is made up of a bit over 200 parts and includes two minifigures: a climber and a boy  with "hat hair" from wearing the climbing helmet.
The surroundings of the cabin include a waterfall, some foliage, the rocky cliff face it is perched on, and plenty of rocks. A chain secures the climber to the cliff face. The cabin itself has smoke coming out of its chimney, which is being produced by the stove/heater inside. Inside there is also a chair and a table with a mug on it.
I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this model as much as I did making it!