Contest Entry

Gone Fishing!


There is nothing better than escaping the worries of life and going fishing, which is why when this contest showed up fishing immediately came to mind on what to build. So I worked on my model, procrastinated for a bit (oops) and then finished it. For the build itself, I wanted to fit in as much detail while not making a massive model, and I think it worked as the build nicely fits on an 8x16 plate. Alongside that, another goal was to tell a story, with the minifigure and the fish, which is why I included all sorts of minifigure accessories so one could rearrange the model to their content.
The model contains:
- exactly 250 pieces
- A build of a dock and what's below the dock
- One minifigure
- Four animals: two silver fish, one frog and a fish recoloured to bright green
- Minifigure accessories: A tackle box, a net, a fishing rod, a life jacket and a life preserver

Also the images used in the background were taken by me and belong to me.