Mini Orrery of the Inner Solar System


The Mini Orrery of the Inner Solar System made it to the crowd voting!

Hello my fellow LEGO fans,

after submitting my contest entry on April 11, that grew out of a personal passion for astronomy, engineering and the Classic Space theme, I never expected to be amongst the 15 amazing finalists and make so many fans happy along the way. My joy grew even more after I saw that a functioning tiny orrery, made out of Technic elements, was included in the new LEGO Friends Olivia's Space Academy set 41713. How cool is that?

Even though my submission shows a rendering made in Studio, it was important to me that the model could actually be assembled with existing LEGO elements and function as intended, so I built the prototype out of my spare pieces and successfully tested it. Also, the anti-clockwise rotation of the crank handle had to translate into the correct anti-clockwise rotation direction of the Sun, planets and our Moon. The only recolors seen in the renderings are the two half-spheres for the Sun in Flame Yellowish Orange and the air tanks & helmet of the Classic Space minifigure in Medium Lilac, which is more of an add-on and could be any other color.

Thanks so much to everyone who thought this idea stands a chance, left me heartwarming comments or already voted for this model! Please help spread the word for my Mini Orrery to come closer to reality and cast a vote until June 2.

Here is an HD version of my video showing the planet model in motion with an attached Power Functions M-motor.

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