Contest Entry

Pipe Organ and Jazz Band - 2 in 1


Whether you like baroque and classical music played on a magnificent organ or cool swing music played by a jazz quartet, this 2 in 1 idea will suit many different musical tastes. 

This idea features two builds that can be created using the same parts. First, there is a pipe organ, complete with two manuals (keyboards), pedals, stops (buttons that change the sound of the organ), various sizes of pipes, and some simple decoration. There are also cello and clarinet players to accompany the organ. The second build is a jazz band featuring a grand piano, upright bass (with amp), drumset, and saxophone, playing on a simple stage. Each build has space for a cell phone or other music-playing device underneath so that the model sounds like it is playing actual music. 

While this is a digital build, I have tested some parts of this model using real bricks (see last image). 

Piece count: 534 plus 4 Minifigures (organ build uses 499, jazz band uses 434)