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Just Waiting 10,000 Years For A Paladin To Arrive...

Runner Up

Runner Up


10,000 Years is a very long time! To make the best of it's wait, the Green Lion built itself a nice cozy home inside of a mighty tree, waiting for the time to come. Meanwhile, the alien bunnies are invading, and one of them is having fun with the Green Lion's miniature Voltron Figure (The "miniature" Voltron would be the size of a car if you put it in scale with the lion :D).

Notes: This has been a really fun and ambitious project! The word "imagination" opens up a lot of wild possibilities and I thought this was a really adorable idea! It definitely was a challenge creating something of this scale, there was a lot of world building involved to make the scene feel alive and lived in. I have also included some fun details such as the mini Voltron Figure and the Lionhead Flowers. ;)

Ps. Those "Bunny Slippers" are a gift from the bunnies made out of natural materials and are not made of <strike>baby bunnies</strike>. :P


- Pieces: 13k+

- Base Size: 2.5 Square Feet

- Made with LEGO Digital Designer