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Three ways to answer the call of Mustang

Runner Up

Runner Up


I tried to reproduce the look and feel of the ‘67 Mustang adverts with this. I looked at a lot of old ads online for art style inspiration and it seems that by the late 60s, photography had replaced a lot of the beautiful artwork of the 40s and 50s.

A lot of the ads showed the Mustang in an off-road setting and a few featured all three versions of the car; hardtop, fastback and convertible. The way I’ve positioned the three cars is straight from a ‘67 Mustang print ad and is a nice way to show the different angles of the design in one shot. The line “Bred first… to be first” also appears on quite a few of the ‘67 adverts. I chose red, white and blue as the car colours to mirror the stripe colours in the Mustang logo, and the white stripes on the blue car are a nod to the Creator set.

Thank you for checking out my entry! :)