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Creatures: The Basilisk

Grand Prize - Creatures from the Wizarding World

Grand Prize - Creatures from the Wizarding World


Beware the icy stare of the Basilisk! One look spells instant doom for you. Unless you happen to see it in
a reflective surface, that is. Then you'll be needing a mandrake or two :) 

This coiled model of the Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is built with 1665 pieces. 

- The pedestal base upon which the column and chamber ruins stands is decorated with an intricate Chamber of Secrets motif, including candles in the wall brackets, sand green bricks, and stone snakes next to the openings to the underground pipes. 

- See if you can spot the Sorting Hat and a discarded Sword of Gryffindor on the flooded floor of the chamber! Watch out for the serpent's sharp fangs, though. 

I was inspired to create this model because the Basilisk had the most impact on me back when I watched the movies for the first time, and I wanted to capture this terrifying beast in LEGO form.

Thankfully, this one won't petrify you! :)