Ballerina (With Power UP Function)


Wanted to thank you and to remind you something

It is quite amazing that I am one of the finalists in this contest! As I already expressed in another comments here and in the article related to the 10 finalist, I want to thank you all for giving visibility to my set and for your lovely comments and support. I know that the competence is quite hard but I am convinced that this would be a nice set. 

On the other hand, I read comments that addressed the topic "stability" and I want you to know that I am aware of it and to keep in mind that this ballerina can be put in many different positions (please check the sequences I made) and therefore, the problem of stability can be fixed only by switching the posture. Now, I know how pretty and elegant she seems in this posture and that's why I am working on making her as stable as posible! Please, if you have any ideas to contribute to the cause, just write here or DM me on instagram (link in my profile); I will be more than happy to reply you and discuss with you :)