Contest Entry

Onset of The Blacktron

A routine patrol of a Classic Space Federation troop has been ambushed by a roving band of Blacktron Soldiers! The fight quickly escalates, with both sides bringing in air support, and even a heavy cannon! Will our heroic Classic Space astronauts win with the help of their flame trooper and Dropship? Or will it be the evil and outcast Blacktron who win the day? It's up to you to decide!

My favorite part of this is the fact that the explosion and missile are attached to the cannon, I'd love to see that IRL! I'm glad I got to create my first real Neo-Classic Space Moc, and I'm also very pleased with the Blacktron Fighter, and my first good terrain design.

I did not create stands for either aircraft or the red spaceman kicking the Blacktron soldier, but other than that everything is legal and supported. The fighter bears resemblance to but is drastically changed from a previous design of mine.

P.S. Did you see the M-Tron minifigure in there? 😉