Journey into the unknown

This is a small and detailed set which is a cool display piece I think and will alone won't cost alot in producing it for people as it does not have ththe maximum amount of 300 pieces. This is called journey into the unknown because the build is based of the space shuttles used today but this shuttle is from the future. This set will include 1 shuttle and 1 satellite. The shuttle will have easy and detachable fuselages for people who want to just display the shuttle. I dedicate this set to my parents who have given me everything in this world and this is to show how far I want to go for them which is why it's a shuttle so it can go to the moon and back or even beyond. Thank you all for reading this and good luck to anyone who has entered into this competition. 

To the lego group

Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope that this is the ship you are looking for 

Project build time                           7 hours made by me (16)

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