Space Station Adventures


The International Space Station is a huge part of our space exploration, why not have it as a giveaway? Have some fun in the lounge, observe the plants, then head out into space and take some pictures. Put on your spacesuit before leaving, and open the hatch door to get out. Don't forget to shut it! Includes one Astronaut, one Spacesuit, a camera, and rope. Plus, a mini Astronaut for more space fun!

I think this would be something fun to have, espically with kids. They love to wonder about space, and they could make up there own space adventures wit this. 

Remeber, this isn't the final model, and it will be updated with new parts, designs, and minifigs. I tried my best, so please support, and don't forget to support when it is time to. Hope to see it in stores soon! 

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