Contest Entry

From one generation to the next: 2 seater spaceship


Inspired by the parts palette from the NEXO Knights, with a shout out to the Classic Space 2 Seater Space Shuttle 891/442, our crew crosses the generations: A Classic White Spaceman, and an Intergalactic Explorer of a more contemporary design. We see our veteran spaceman discovering how things have changed, since he first headed out 40 years ago. With four engines, and dual multidirectional steering thrusters, this craft can move at speeds only imagined in the early days of LEGO® Space exploration. With the Classic yellow-black-yellow stripes to remind us of its heritage, this craft combines the best of the old with the new, and provides a great opportunity for students, teachers, family and friends to explore space together. For the sake of completeness, imagine a classic space logo on the NEXO shied or sloped brick at the front.