Contest Entry

The Truth behind the Maya Pyramides


Finally: the truth has been revealed! Ancient maya pyramids are launch pads for alien UFOs.

Since their discovery many scientist and historians suspected, that aliens helped the mayas to build their monuments. Now you can hold the proof in your hands. With this set you can discover the use of these pyramids: unfold the top to look inside and find the hidden UFO and the aliens´ headquarter.

This all raise another question; Are there more secret alien hideouts in the world? If yes, where? Egypt? China? Southamerica? We will never know, unless you build it. Just don´t stop believing!

  • The pyramid can be opened
  • With a point at the bottom of the UFO you can easily transfix it inside
  • two green aliens are also included
  • Contains currently 204 pieces
  • messures over 13 cm long and wide and over 7 cm high