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Nick Nova’s Spaceship


In this episode of The Amazing Adventures of Nick Nova, rampaging robots from Planet X are invading Earth!  Nick Nova, in his steadfast spaceship, must travel through the most dangerous domains of space, avoiding asteroids and navigating nebulas, to reach the secluded source of these atrocious automatons.  Will Nick Nova be able to mitigate the malevolent machinations of the mysterious mastermind behind these marauding mechanical monsters?

The entire set is 168 pieces and consists of Nick Nova, his spaceship, a photon blaster, and a robot from Planet X.  The photon blaster can be stored in the back of the spaceship.

This model is an homage to the many cheesy sci-fi shows and movies I watched while in college.  It was a great way relax and decompress after long hours of studying and grueling exams.  These many moments in space helped me to achieve my goal of becoming a Mechanical Engineer, designing real spacecraft, and creating moments in space to inspire others.