Contest Entry

To Space and Back for 50 cents!


I miss the time when I was a small child and something as simple as a carefully rocking piece of plastic could fill me with all the joy in the world. But with this contest, I have found that feeling again while building this creation: my smile is as wide as that minifig's!

By turning the sun-shaped dial surrounded by all eight planets, the fun, brighly colored and lit rocket will graciously rock back and forth thanks to the compact bar mechanism. I did a lot of experimenting to get the motion just right, and I'm quite happy with how natural it looks. The hinges use friction pegs so that it can stand on its own in any position. This makes it a really nice little set to play with (which I do a lot with my promotional sets!). I also made sure it's nice to display with the fun shape of the nose cone (achieved with a balloon and cement mill piece), the slanted coin slot and a steering wheel that does absolutely nothing but adds ton of fun!