Futuristic Spaceplane Adventures


UPDATE: New upgrades for new horizons!

Hey everyone!

The "Futuristic Spaceplane" has landed for upgrades! These improvements range from improving quality to decreasing potential production cost. Read on to find out more!

New Coat of Paint:

The original submission was designed to use only currently produced colors. However, I've noticed some pesky pieces that slipped by my first inspection. These pieces' colors have been swapped out for colors currently produced. This mainly affected the rocket boosters. Check out the images below to see the new coat of paint! 

New engines for new horizons:

On further inspections, I noticed that a a part used in the original engines is not currently produced anymore. We can't be having outdated components in our futuristic adventures, so I redesigned the engines using only currently produced and common elements. 

Alternative Windscreen:
I love the look of the original windscreen. LEGO part 50948's sleek profile perfectly fits our future faring vessel. However, I noticed that 50948 has not been produced for a couple of years. It may not be retired, per say, but I decided to play it safe and offer an alternative windscreen in case 50948 is not currently available. The alternative windscreen is practical yet futuristic, and cleverly incorporates the new 29119 curved slope! 

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