Just read the instructions


Just read the instructions


  1. Sit in your cool electric red car atop of the insanely powerful rocket.
  2. Lift off towards Mars (DON'T PANIC).
  3. Land reusable rocket on Mars.
  4. Unlock the rotation locking clamps to gently put the car on the ground. 
  5. Unload the tunnel boring machine and other equipment.
  6. Lock the rotation locking clamps to convert the rocket to a cosy sleeping place.
  7. Drill your way into the underground cave to get to the ice sheets.
  8. Use the company issued flame thrower to melt some ice.
  9. Sit back on your comfy chair with a nice glass of freshly melted martian mineral water.
    .. and think of that profound moment in space when a red electric car was launched for the first time.


Small notes:

  • Obviously the 80's wheels need changing, but as I only play together with my little daughter we don't have many wheels, so my old ones had to do. However new replacements exist that require only minor changes!
  • The model fits on a 16x16 plate and has around 300 pieces.
  • We tested it and it was fun to play with :-)


  • Had fun making an image with the panicking astronaut, no changes to the model.

About the model:

To avoid legal issues, the rules of the competition don't permit making miniatures of actual space hardware or referring to brands. While these rules make perfect sense, it makes it a bit harder to make a model that is about a specific "moment in space". So not a miniature of the actual hardware then... And not mentioning the brands either... Hmmm.. Let's put in a couple of hints.... or have some more fun and put in a lot of hints....



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