Mars Mission Mighty Micros - MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit vs. ETX Alien Infiltrator


MT-101 with Orange Tires

Well, I guess this'll be the last update.  I tried out orange rubber for the tires of the MT-101, just to see what it would look like. 

The below renderings are shown only as a possible option, and do not change the original submission.  If this does become a gift with purchase, it will likely be up to the designer(s) to pick what would be best.

Personally I prefer the look of the black tires and orange rims over the orange tires and white rims.

Thanks everyone!



This update was inspired by Umbra-Manis.

Renders of ETX on Display Base

Hey all, here's some renders of the ETX on it's display base.

Also, I discovered a small design flaw with it's seat, so I have corrected that.  (Not Pictured)  The part count is now up from 243 to 245.

Keep the votes coming!

Rear angles of MT-101 and ETX

First of all, thanks everyone for your comments!

Here's the render of the back of both vehicles, as I said would come:

Detachable Scout Robot

Hey everyone!  I thought I should upload a picture of how the Alien Commander's scout robot detaches, and where it is.

Index of events on image:

  1. Robot Attached
  2. Robot Detached
  3. Close-up of Robot

Renders of the back of both the ETX Alien Infiltrator and MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit are coming up soon, so stay tuned!  If you'd like to see another angle of something in this project, please let me know!