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Harley Davidson 2035's Fast-Boy


In the year 2035, Milwaukee's famous Motorcycles Company had a crazy idea : there are so many loose space into wheels.
Why don't trying to use it ?
So this Fast Boy is born.
Wheels are hubless, but rear wheel contain a pure Harley Davidson Big Big twin !
The motor itself contain rear light and exhaust.
Fuel Tank is under the saddle, and suspensions are integrated to frame.
So the 2035's Fast Boy is lighter and faster than any other Harley Davidson Big Twin bike before !

This Lego Technic replica use same technologies : hubless wheels, front mono-arm, stearing front wheel from the handlebar, integrated suspension, moving pistons..

It uses the usual Harley Davidson color scheme : black and orange, with checkered flag.

The model is big, impressive, with numerous parts (I didn't count these, but just imagine that each tyre is using 210 parts !)

You wanted to see the Harley Davidson of the Future ?
It is here !