Contest Entry

The Cool Harley Davidson Motorcycle


We were going for a retro yet futuristic looking Harley Davidson! It has subtle,  but mechanical lines. Although so many vehicles are going electric we still enjoy the vtwin! That combined with a sort of steam-punk style gearing system that delivers power directly to the rear wheel, giving this bike the get up and go! This bike also has a café-racer style look as can be seen in the tank, seat, and rear fender. The front wheel has no fender to cover, but does have two side shields over the brakes for a forward looking, yet classic style. This combined with an adjustable headlight extending from the handlebars appeals to the younger newer rider, yet still allows the older generation to reminisce about the classics. The translucent, Harley Davidson color inspired side fairings allow the inner mechanics to be viewed. Lastly the curved exhaust and red accents detailed on the rear suspension, give this Cool Harley Davidson Motorcycle a look that everyone will love and want to show off!