Contest Entry

Harley-Davidson RFM Mk1 Chopper


The Harley-Davidson RFM (Reimagined Future Motorcycle) mk1 Chopper is the first design from Harley-Davidson to incorporate a more modernised frontal section whilst still retaining the classic, if not iconic fatboy backend design. 
Realising that their machines couldn't run on crude oil fuels forever, and biofuels just weren't offering the speed, Harley-Davidson devised a special 8 stroke engine, that runs on a combination of water and electricity...a deadly combo. But harnessing that energy, it allows for the RFM to reach even higher than average speeds for a Chopper 
First time making motorbike, and kind of nervous if honest. But having built it from memory of Harley-Davidson choopers, I am really glad to have tried something new...super happy 😊 
Thanks for taking the time read this and good luck to you if you're also participating!