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The EchoCharge


I am delighted to introduce Harley-Davidson's latest line of motorcycles, EchoCharge.

The EchoCharge is an Environmentally-friendly hybrid motorbike. Part electric, and part alternative fuel, It is optimized for in-city use, and can reach speeds of up to 160 mph. Handling the EchoCharge is simple and intuitive, and its design is recommended by an international board of vehicle specialists from many different organizations. The smooth and powerful ride given by the EchoCharge takes your commute or your adventure to a whole new level!

The design on this was fun, though challenging. The method to attach the tires without using wheel elements is especially interesting :-) And, in fact, it all works!

See the 3D View here: EchoCharge | 3D View

Thanks for taking a look, and I certainly wouldn't mind your vote! ;-)