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Build your own game! - Stream and Honorable Mentions

The winners of a LEGO Ideas contest were announced live on-stream last night, where loads of games were played including the winners! But who else’s games were played?

You can watch the full replay of the stream here, maybe you can even see your own game being played! (This link does take you to Twitch.TV and away from LEGO Ideas)

If you didn't catch the stream, or streams aren't really your thing; we did announce the winners here in this blog post yesterday. But maybe you did watch the stream and you'd like to play the games they played? Well if so, you're in the right place.

The judges of this contest wanted to shout out some honorable mentions which were pipped by the winners but were still fantastic games. Some of these games were played in the stream last night and you can find the games below in no particular order with a judges comment:

Peg Leg Simulator by SpennyDubz

'Simple yet so fun and immersive. Opposite to being upset after falling into the water this just makes me laugh!'

Soul Currents 2133 By Mebradhen

'A game with beautiful art direction and mood.'

Puzzlebrick by davidv1992

'Love that as the player, I'm building to solve the puzzle.'

The glass mason By HealthPotionStudios

'Great level designs, got me engaged from the very first seconds!'

The old smoke by Piccolo_Rosso

'Haunting and beautiful. Really unique design, look and sound. Amazing atmosphere.'

Mars Mission: Escape From Jezero Crater by Nathan Brower

'It’s a very challenging game with cool game idea, great intro and nice sound effects.'

Brick machine By elzekool

'As a puzzle fan loved the simple concept yet the potential for this to quickly scale to hundreds if not thousands of new levels!'

Dark Secrets By ckosmic

'Great art direction and game mechanics. Thank goodness for the checkpoint/save system, without it I wouldn’t have witnessed the end game.'

Minichrome By ExeSandbox

'Featuring beautiful sounds. An amazingly well done game!'

Quest for the Missing Piece By CP-BrickMaster

'Beautiful Art, great story, tough puzzles, tough levels. The art direction here was less “indie” as in Minichrome and more “AAA” - it looked (and sounded) amazing'

Space Rush By EHervasca

'I could play this all day! Love the world.'

Thermosfear By HJonesJr

'Amazing space horror – made in LEGO!'

LEGO Town Builder By jamesster

'You just build your awesome city, play around with it, take control of the minifigs. Go for a ride in the train. Especially building train tracks was great. I spent a long time doing that!'

Dragon’s Valley By Vectorizer

'Really fun old-school dungeon game. Love the intro cutscene too.'

Rover Racer By braydenjenkins

'Bad Piggies with LEGO! Amazing and fun physics-based vehicle building puzzle game.'


Let us know if you play any of the games in the comments down below, or if you were joining in the stream yesterday! :D



The only active contest we have right now is a contest where the winners will have their LEGO models displayed in The LEGO House!

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