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Contest Winners - Build your own game!

First off, due to the huge number of entries, way more than we expected, there is a small delay and the minifigures codes will be sent out soon. But let's get onto the winners of this contest! There have been some incredibly creative games and concepts shown off and these winners are some of the best:

Grand Prize winner 1 - ODYSSEY by magancete


Grand Prize winner 2 - REGROW THE WORLD by LaPeSi


Runner Up winner 1 - PHOTON DEBUGGER by MechaFizz


Runner Up winner 2 - ISLEGONE by SFBTom


And our bonus winners were - SAVE THE PIGS! by rorix49 and LEGOO WIN by IBEBS!

That’s the winners! Congratulations to those winners, please be sure to congratulate them in the comments. Not to mention you should be playig their games :D



The only active contest we have right now is a contest where the winners will have their LEGO models displayed in The LEGO House!