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New Contest - We love sports!

Sport is something that creates heroes, entertains almost everyone around the world and brings people together too. You're probably a fan of some kind of sport, or many!

It’s kick off, lights on, shoelaces tied: for our new contest! We know that almost everyone around the world loves some kind of sport, in one way or another. You could be a lifelong fan who loves their team, to a casual supporter who watches an event once a year. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is how you can show your love for sports by using – yup you guessed it – LEGO bricks!

The LEGO Ideas Judges will select all the entries that participate in the Fan Vote.

Excitingly, in addition to the regular contest prizes, we are once again running a contest which could result in a new LEGO Ideas product, just like the ‘Music to our Ears’ contest. What this means is that all entries that reach the Fan Vote phase, will also be included into a special review by the LEGO Ideas Review Board and will stand a chance of becoming an official LEGO Ideas set IF* one submission can wow them enough.

For full details on what they’re looking for, see the ‘Judging’ section of the contest page.

* Like the regular LEGO Ideas Product Idea Review process, the additional Product Idea review phase does not guarantee that any entry will be turned into an official set.  


The Grand Prize winner of the contest’s Fan Vote will win:  

  • A custom LEGO trophy 
  • All LEGO Ideas Products released in 2020: 
    • 21321 International Space Station
    • 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay
    • 21323 Grand Piano
    • 21324 123 Sesame Street
  • The next LEGO Ideas set to be revealed later 
  • LEGO Ideas tote bag 

IF the Review Board decides to approve one of the contest entries as a LEGO Ideas product, the winning fan will be compensated as a Product Idea prize winner as outlined in the Product Idea guidelines and Terms of Service. Meaning they will receive the following:  

  • 1% of the total net sales of the product  
  • 10 complimentary copies of your LEGO Ideas set 
  • Credit and bio in set materials as the LEGO Ideas Fan Designer 

ENTRY DEADLINE: Submit your entry no later than the 8th of February 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EST.  If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in, here’s a time zone converter.    

How will this work?

This contest will follow the LEGO Ideas Product Ideas Guidelines with minor exceptions or additions to these.

Therefore, make sure you read our Product Ideas guidelines thoroughly to make sure your entry can be approved and is eligible for the contest and review. 

Additions or exceptions to the Product Idea guidelines:  

  • Submissions must be between 50 and 3000 LEGO elements in size approximately. At our discretion, we will reject any submissions that we believe to be under or over this brick limit. 
  • Entries must be new creations and not previously posted online or submitted to any other contest. Submissions to LEGO Ideas previously may be re-submitted as long as they still fit the current Product Ideas guidelines. 
  • Entries which are too heavily linked with the Old Trafford Football Stadium, or any previous products related to sports, will not be considered for the Product Idea consideration part of this contest.
  • You are allowed to use any official LEGO element (LEGO System, LEGO DUPLO, LEGO TECHNIC/Constraction, Mindstorm/Boost and any other official LEGO electronics) in your entry. The LEGO elements must be genuine (not cut, glued, or otherwise modified). Please be aware that using very old elements that may not exist anymore, and which are crucial to your model, may reduce the chance of your model’s potentials success in becoming an official LEGO Ideas set as the element moulds may not exist anymore. 
  • If you are submitting a contest entry based on a Third Party Intellectual Property (i.e. a team or personality), then please use our Intellectual Property verification tool to determine whether or not we allow submissions on this intellectual property. To use this tool visit the Submit a Project page and then click the blue "Submit Idea" button. If an Intellectual Property is not in our database, then you’re welcome to ask a moderator in the comments of the contest announcement blog post or simply submit your contest entry for review. 

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to the contest page to read the contest rules and get started! And good luck! If you have any questions drop them in the comments down below.

Even here on LEGO Ideas, Hasan and I are both sports fans. You might not know @hasanjensen is a big F1 fan and I'm a big football fan (URZ!); what sport or sports are you a big fan of? We'd love to hear any in the comments down below :)

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