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Extraordinary 10 Year Anniversary Review and Fan Vote

As you may know, in late 2018 LEGO Ideas officially celebrated its 10 year anniversary. It's been a journey that has brought so many incredible stories of collaborating with passionate LEGO fans around the world that has resulted in launching some of the most unique LEGO sets ever produced.

Today, we're very excited to reveal that we're extending our celebrations with an extraordinary 10 Year Anniversary review, where we've dug into the LEGO Ideas archive of previously not approved 10K product ideas to rediscover product ideas with the potential to become an official LEGO Ideas set launching in 2020.


Why the Special Review?

This all started as we reminisced on these past years, the product ideas that had been turned into official sets and all those that hadn't. It led to the realization that we definitely wanted to celebrate those past product ideas that hadn't made it, for one reason or another, even more and thereby to give them a second chance. All these thoughts kickstarted the special anniversary review, where we had to determine which product ideas still had the potential to become an official set based on our usual review criteria that encompasses aspects such as brand fit, build quality, feasibility, licensing possibilities, expected demand, current and future LEGO products and much more. 


How's it Going to Work?

This time around we've flipped things around a bit. Firstly, we held the special anniversary review internally where we re-reviewed every single product idea that has reached the 10,000 supporter milestone but was not approved. They were all evaluated according to our usual criteria described earlier. The review resulted in 4 finalists, all of which have been pre-approved by the review board. 

What we now need is your help in determining which one of these 4 finalists should become an official LEGO Ideas set! This is why we have, as of today, opened up for a fan vote via the following page where YOU can vote for your favourite product idea and directly influence whether or not it becomes an official set!

The product idea that gets the most votes by the end of the voting period will be turned into an official LEGO Ideas set with the winning fan receiving the same prize package as regular winning fan designers for Product Ideas. Once the voting period closes and the winner is found, we will get in touch with the winner and kickstart the product development phase.

Voting is open from today until the 4th June, 2019 (3PM CEST), so make sure you cast your vote soon and before it's too late!

Please note that the fan vote is a "hidden/secret vote", meaning you will not be able to see how many votes a given product idea has received. The final vote count will be revealed at the end of the voting period. 


The 4 Product Ideas 

The 4 product ideas that have been selected by the review board for you to vote on include Small YELLOW by Nathan Sawaya (previously known as 'brickartist' on LEGO Ideas), International Space Station by XCLD, Stitch by Legohaulic as well as Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke.

You can read more about each product idea by clicking on its image, where you'll also be able to vote for it. To gather even more votes, you can also share your favourite with your friends, family and the rest of the internet.


Small YELLOW by Nathan Sawaya


International Space Station by XCLD


Stitch by Legohaulic


Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke

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