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International Space Station




Off the Earth, for the Earth - on the Earth!

The International Space Station is the largest human-made body off the Earth.
Would you like to have it on your ground as well?

I propose this model which is made of 843 bricks (station: 656, shuttle: 51, support: 136) and which fits in scale to the Space Shuttle included in the "Women of NASA" ideas set 21312.

It is as modular, as the original one: All modules can be separately build and arranged in different ways, as it has been done up there over the years! Therefore future and past modules and spacecrafts can be added later on: There are enough docking ports left empty.

The shown model features 2 Soyuz capsules, 2 progress capsules and the BEAM module. Future extensions may include ATV, HTV, Dragon as well as the CST-100 Starliner.

Play value:
  • All solar panels and the big cooling radiators are turnable in all directions,
  • The Canadarm can be moved around and can grapple the ELC modules,
  • The Shuttle and spacecrafts can be (un)docked,
  • The modules can be rearranged and
  • The Station can be lifted from the supporting stand.


You like my model? You want it at home?
Vote for it and tell the world about it!


Note: This is the smaller version of my prior project Internation Space Station. More handy size though almost as many details!