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LEGO® Ideas Test Lab x Pick a Brick - Selected Designs

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the LEGO® Minifigure, we introduced Round 2 of our LEGO® Ideas Test Lab challenge in collaboration with Pick a Brick on We were delighted to see almost 400 wonderful submissions that showed so many creative ways of customizing Minifigure display stands. You can check out all the participating submissions here.

We're happy to share the results of this second round with all of you now. The Pick a Brick team has selected 7 designs that will come to life as small, customizable builds that can be purchased via in the future. 

Thanks to all our creative members who participated and of course everyone who voted as well.

Congratulations to our 7 selected designers. We can't wait to see the final versions on For now, you can find the selected designs below.


Back to the Middle Ages by Damzosbricks

My design is made for those who are as huge fans as me of the classic castle theme. The goal was to create a worthy display for any medieval or fantasy-themed minifig, whether it's a several decades old "relic" or brand new and shiny. The stand itself is made to be easily customizable with two different types of decoration. The hinge pieces allow the stands to be combined in various ways, so everyone can find room for them!


LEGO Store Display by Martin_Studio

The idea for this project came to me during a visit to the LEGO Store. From the beginning, I wanted to create a set that would simultaneously reference "Pick a Brick", LEGO Ideas, and evoke positive emotions among fans. The set has three main parts that can be arranged in different ways. It also includes a "Build A Minifigure" and "Pick a Brick" zone, a cashier area, a mini version of the LEGO Ideas set 21335, and lots of tiles to decorate the store


Let's Make a Green Day Display! by Ganpat the Celt

My inspiration for this display came from nature itself. I have created a small, open garden in which LEGO fans can display at least six minifigures or mini dolls in every direction. I like to call it "A Green Day Display" because it has a lot of green and blue: plants, grass and water. Without water, no green. There is also a diversity of colors: flowers. There are some small animals to discover too and a hidden treasure. One could customize this build by swapping the leaves and flowers or by choosing them in different colors. The same goes for some of the bricks. 


Modular Minifigure Crossing by ThatOneGuy_Steve

I think that a busy slice of a city street is the perfect way to display your favorite minifigures. You can have a figure making a wish as they toss a coin into the fountain, or relax on the bench as they wait for their bus. With the extra details like the street lights, bike lane, loose pizza box, and even just the modular functionality of this design, there are endless possibilities on how to make your display. I'm really excited to see how people customize it to be their own


Police Lineup by Bricklingtonville

I created this design to showcase your most villainous Minifigures and Minidolls. Round up the usual suspects and line them up against a classic black and white height chart at the police station. You can choose to frame the characters through the one-way mirror or swing the model open on its hinges and let your Minifigures pose for their mugshots. And when you're ready to question the suspects, the model can also be rebuilt as an interrogation room.


RC Car Mini-racing by Mitsu-san78

Ever since I was a kid I've always loved making little vehicles with LEGO bricks and running them all around the house, so I thought it would be fun to have a minifigure stand with some playability. I've loved designing these little RC cars, completely customizable, which can be nice to display, but also fun to play. Furthermore, mini-races can be organized for the whole family, and everyone can create their own car with their favorite color. All you have to do is start the engines... and the bricks.


The Stage by Benlouisa

It’s time to hit the stage and show off your favorite figures! Position your much-loved figures on the stage and customize the backdrop with all the added extras. The hinge allows for easy access so you can change it up as often as you like. For this design, I was inspired by my wife’s childhood love of acting and I thought it was a perfect way to create a minifigure show!  


What's Next?

These designs are now undergoing internal development to ensure they live up to our quality standards. As soon as they are available via the Pick a Brick Hub we will be sure to update you. 

For now, check out the latest LEGO Ideas challenge "Celebrate Japanese Culture" and join the fun!

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