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Contest Winners - Head Back To Hogwarts™

We've had so many returns to Hogwarts, we feel like we've been a million times! Such creativity and incredible builds have absolutely wowed the judges. From 660 models to just 3... Here are the winners!

Grand Prize Winner - Reunion of the Wizarding Schools by nkolbeck


This is a model that scored really high across all the different criteria! We were so impressed and immediately fell in love with the detailing of the Beauxbatons Carriage and the Durmstrang ship (without ignoring, of course, the beautiful Hogwarts portion!).


Second Place - Harry´s First Year at Hogwarts by carloslc13


We loved how this model didn’t limit itself to showing framed vignettes, but instead – quite literally – broke “the fourth wall”, and continued the storytelling beyond the confining limits of the book pages: truly magical, just like movies do!


Third Place - Memories of Home by Jcreations912


Cleaver user of the versatile frog element as the head of the dragon, and classic castle solider helmets as tops for the Hogwarts towers. That forced perspective effect that plays so well in this model and immediately caught our attention when scrolling through the hundreds of submissions! Well done!

Be sure to congratulate each of the creators behind the entries, as their incredible work deserves it!

What's Next? 

You still have a couple of days left to 'Create ART To Be Enjoyed By All' so get your entries in. And also of course, we have time left on our 'Celebrate The Holidays in a Galaxy Far Far Away' contest too, where you need to give a holiday themed makeover to some iconic Star Wars things!

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