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Extraordinary 10 Year Anniversary Fan Vote - Winner Revealed

It's been a wildly busy last few weeks with over 22,000 LEGO Ideas members voting for their favourite model among these four past 10K Club submissions that had been selected to be a part of this Extraordinary 10 Year Anniversary Review and Fan Vote.

It's certainly been incredible for us to witness how passionate LEGO Ideas fans still remain about these product ideas and we'd like to send a special thanks to all four members - Spacy Smoke, Nathan Sawaya, XCLD and Legohaulic - for their passionate interest in participating in this special review. Second chances can certainly be great and filled with anticipation, but we also respect that they can be tough if the result doesn't go in one's favour. However, regardless of the results, all models are still works of exceptional quality that will live on in different ways and deserve a huge amount of awe and applause!

Without further ado, we present the results of this fan vote that will determine one of the next official LEGO Ideas sets. 



International Space Station by XCLD - 10438 Votes

Big congratulations to XCLD whose design has achieved an unprecendeted 45.6% of all the votes cast - an incredible achievement in short fan vote period. It continues to show the huge desire for space and space exploration among the LEGO Ideas community.

XCLD's International Space Station design will now move into the official product development phase, in the same way as it works during regular reviews. As always, we won't be able to reveal any details, including price, design and more, until we get closer to the set's launch in 2020.


Stitch by Legohaulic - 5739 Votes


Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke- 3788 Votes


Small YELLOW by Nathan Sawaya - 2924 Votes


Thank you again to all four members who participated with their designs as well as the many thousands of fans who voted, commented and shared in order to make this fan vote a reality and to help bring yet another impressive fan-created LEGO set to life in the future.

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